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Commercial Water Softener in Michigan

Installing an ECOsmarte salt free water softener in MI for your yacht, diesel pusher, or RV will provide you with premium quality water at each faucet, regardless of where you “fill up”. Our non-salt water softeners in Michigan will control the mold and bacteria in your holding tanks, plumbing lines and at the source of your water. All chemicals (chlorine, MTBE, and other volatile organics) are banned from your vessel. The system operates with 250 milliamps of power for under $100/year. Over 300 installation sites exist in North America, and the filter tanks are sized for space available.

A customized water softening system for well water allows diesel pushers to load with premium quality water and a residual bacteria control. Whether you have an RV or yacht, the natural oxygen and ionization will keep the water crisp and fresh for weeks. ECOsmarte remains the world leader of zero chemical water technology, and combines conventional whole systems in addition to RV and yacht systems.

Easy Use

Many Ecosmarte customers install their own systems, and in the process, find that the Ecosmarte system is much easier to use and maintain than...

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Online Support

One of the major reasons you should use an Ecosmarte system for your pool or spa is that it comes with the Ecosmarte Cloud, an online resource...

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Professional Staff

John Bouwens, Owner of Ecosmarte Michigan, is extremely helpful in solving all your pool, spa, or home problems (if not already solvable on the Ecosmarte...

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5 Year Warranty

Ecosmarte systems come with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that your product is good as new from day one to day 1825.

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Environmentally Friendly

Ecosmarte systems were built specifically to protect the environment. No Cyanuric Acid is used (stabilizer/conditioner).  Ecosmarte systems...

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Health and Beauty Safe

Our pool systems don't burn swimmers eyes, dry out their skin, or damage their hair, because no chemicals are used.  People that swim in chlorinated...

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