Commercial Irrigation Water

Commercial Water Softener in Michigan

Whether you’re a consumer gardener or commercial grower/rancher, ECOsmarte’s irrigation product line (in addition to 16 years of field experience) will help you achieve better results while using less water. Soil moisture levels rise with the oxygenated and ionized water. In some cases, ECOsmarte’s commercial water softener in Michigan can overcome high salinity in both water and soil. Lower surface tension, or “wetter water” is the key.

The vast majority of our salt free water softening systems in Grand Rapids, MI are installed to remove iron and manganese, both which stain rock and concrete while hindering plant growth. ECOsmarte irrigation configurations have an extremely low operating cost, and average 30 minutes/year of simple maintenance on residential sites, or 2 hours/year on commercial sites. Twenty to 1,200 GPM sites can be handled with standard equipment. Drop and mist systems have been configured to meet 100,000 gallons per day.

  • Better results with less water used
  • Encouraging healthy water use by people, poultry, dairy, and swine by removing iron, manganese, and sulfur without salt or chemicals
  • Saves water by improving penetration and soil moisture levels
  • Treating water repellent soils, including caliche
  • Helping the uptake of fertilizer through lower surface tension in both water and soil
  • Using saline and chloride intruded water and soil at higher sodium PPM levels than all the other technologies


The best technology package for all types of irrigation…

One of ECOsmarte’s benefits is to make the water soak into the soil rather than running off the surface. ECOsmarte’s salt free water softener in MI will wet the soil, reducing the surface tension of the soils so the water soaks in. Each soil particle is coated so when water is again applied, it will soak into the soil quickly and increase the water-holding capacity while changing the soil spatter pattern in the irrigation zone. Numerous plant pathogens are controlled by the well-documented effects of copper ionization, and ECOsmarte irrigated soil will prevent mineral buildup at the root level.



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Online Support

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Professional Staff

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5 Year Warranty

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Environmentally Friendly

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Health and Beauty Safe

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