100% Chlorine-Free, ZERO Salt Pool and Spa Systems by Ecosmarte





"Hey John, I wanted to thank you for the Ecosmarte system you installed, it worked very well for us. The system is easy to use, clean, and took the chlorine out of the picture. Now I can open my eyes underwater without the pain of chemical burn! It also doesn’t seem to affect clothing like the chlorine did. I am looking forward to another hassle free pool season. Thanks Again! – Jake Durfee"
"Dear ECOsmarte, In February of 2000 we purchased a Vita Spa with your Eco Smarte water purification system. After a short learning curve on my part, I found it very easy to maintain and keep the water crystal clear. We are finally in need of replacing our copper bars in the system after 14 ½ years. This is the first maintenance we have had to do to the Eco Smarte system. We are very satisfied with the Eco Smarte purification system and look forward to another 14 years of clear, clean water in our spa. We frequently recommend your system. Thank you for your great product! – Dan and Suzy Klein"
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