Whole House Water Filter in MI

Whole House Water Filter in MI


Today’s water treatment methods rely on chemical disinfectants to prevent waterborne diseases from becoming epidemics. Chlorination (the primary water treatment chemical) has proven its ability to control such diseases (such as cholera, typhus and dysentery), which could otherwise run rampant.

Since its introduction, chlorination has become the sole method used for active disinfection of water. This is because of the recognized potency and acceptance of chlorine as a germicide by public health organizations.

Chlorination and chemical control of simple biological organisms have proven as useful and essential. However, we are learning the price we pay for the benefits of chemical control. The side effects of chlorine, bromine, aluminum, phosphates, chromates, and more cause adverse effects on human health, as well as the health of our environment.

Meanwhile, ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry systems dramatically improve the quality of water by filtering out 99.5% of the chlorine, ammonia and other chemicals that may be added by municipal water companies for sanitization. Once the water is stripped of these chemicals, it is sanitized in a chemical-free manner via copper ionization. The water is also oxidized in the process.

In addition to sanitizing the water, the ECOsmarte whole house water filter in MI protects your plumbing fixtures by preventing minerals from forming hard scale. Scale build-up is one of the most common reasons that hot water heaters and dishwashing machines fail. The ECOsmarte Point-of-Entry system not only provides bottled water quality throughout your home, but it also increases the life of your appliances.

The municipal Point-of-Entry system includes one water tank with an electronic control head, two bags of filter media, an electronic controller, and an ionization/oxidation chamber. 2-4 hours are needed for installation. The system takes up less space than a water softener and brine tank.

With an ECOsmarte whole house water softener in MI, you will have greener grass, your cut flowers will live longer, and your water will always taste better!

  • No more hauling salt
  • All of your water – indoor and outdoor, hot and cold
  • Wetter water without the softener “slime”
  • Iron/odor removal


It’s like showering in mountain spring water…

ECOsmarte treats all of your water – indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. Our salt free water softener in MI is really a whole house water treatment system. Are you considering a whole house reverse osmosis system? Consider us instead – ECOsmarte offers the best pretreatment, and we use no salt.




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