Well Water Whole House System

Water Softening System for Well Water


The ECOsmarte water softening system for well water cleans all of your water: indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. It provides all the benefits of a whole house water filter in MI without the disadvantages. Why put harmful brine or chemicals into your septic system? 99% of ECOsmarte well water installs discharge natural water to your drain field.

Every ECOsmarte well water system is adjusted depending on the different chemicals found in your well water, thus eliminating all harmful chemicals. Each well water system includes a 3-year full warranty, although a 5-year warranty is also available. We have maintained a 99.5% satisfaction level on our units since 1994.

With an ECOsmarte whole house water filtration system in Grand Rapids MI, you will see greener grass, your cut flowers will last longer, and your water will always taste better!

  • No more hauling salt
  • All of your water – indoor and outdoor, hot and cold
  • Wetter water without the softener “slime”
  • Iron/odor removal
  • Irrigation models available


It’s like showering in mountain spring water…

ECOsmarte treats all of your water – indoor and outdoor, hot and cold. Our whole house water filter in MI is really a whole house water treatment system. Are you considering a whole house reverse osmosis system? Consider us instead – ECOsmarte offers the best pretreatment, and we use no salt.

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