Digital Programmable System With WiFi Options

Automated Pool Chemical Systems in Michigan

Our automated pool chemical system is for those who want to spend less time maintaining their pool, and more time with their family and friends! These chemical free pool systems in Michigan can be used on pools up to 100,000 gallons (higher daily bather loads require additional equipment). There is a digital display on the system including pH controls. An automated pool chemical system is ideal for the active and traveling homeowner.

You will find that the flow rate has been preset to meet maximum demands for CO² pH control. The controller actuates the flow control solenoid valve to provide pH correction. Maintenance of the flow control unit is minimal; normal care and cleaning is advised. Field information and research indicates that achieving a pH below 6.7 is impossible, so we advise choosing 20 minutes per day to begin. Ranges are typically 20 to 40 minutes depending on your pool size and source water. Simply increase or decrease time as phenol red pH tests dictate during the start up.

The CO² time will need to be adjusted to minimize cost of tank refills. Customers should test their pool filter system in Michigan twice weekly for the first 30 days.

  • Fully automated
  • CO² pH control
  • Will soon be WiFi enabled
  • “Set it and Forget it”
  • 2″ natural oxygen
  • Pool manager kit included
  • 110v or 220v
  • Extra cells


Thinking of going with a salt or chlorine system?

You paid thousands of dollars for your pool – from your pool pump, filtering system, pool liner, waterwalls, stone, and other equipment – So why treat your use chemicals or salt that will ruin the equipment and stonework you’ve invested in? Studies show that chlorine and salt pool systems will degrade and corrode pool components over time. ECOsmarte chemical free pool systems in Michigan don’t use chemicals, and are safe for your pool equipment and stonework.


Programmable Pool w- CO2




Easy Use

Many Ecosmarte customers install their own systems, and in the process, find that the Ecosmarte system is much easier to use and maintain than...

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Online Support

One of the major reasons you should use an Ecosmarte system for your pool or spa is that it comes with the Ecosmarte Cloud, an online resource...

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Professional Staff

John Bouwens, Owner of Ecosmarte Michigan, is extremely helpful in solving all your pool, spa, or home problems (if not already solvable on the Ecosmarte...

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5 Year Warranty

Ecosmarte systems come with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that your product is good as new from day one to day 1825.

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Environmentally Friendly

Ecosmarte systems were built specifically to protect the environment. No Cyanuric Acid is used (stabilizer/conditioner).  Ecosmarte systems...

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Health and Beauty Safe

Our pool systems don't burn swimmers eyes, dry out their skin, or damage their hair, because no chemicals are used.  People that swim in chlorinated...

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