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Learn more about what the chlorine pool industry does not what you to know.

ECOsmarte Video: ECOsmarte: Why switch to a chlorine-free swimming pool?

Reserve holding tank water is required by law in well water zip codes in known forest fire areas.

Community Wells: Preventing Algae or Mold in Firewater or Reserve Holding Tanks

"Salting the earth" is a two thousand year old term that most people understand. Unfortunately, only a few states are dealing with 40 years of sodium based water technology.

Chloride Discharge Ban

SECRET #1Salt water systems corrode the pool equipment. The Facts - The salt itself has issues of attacking the cement in the plaster and deck materials.

Seven Secrets Salt Water Pool Sellers Don't Want You to Know

In making the decision to purchase a salt chlorination system, it is necessary to consider certain facts. First, salt does not eliminate the need for chlorine. The salt cell actually ionizes the salt to produce chlorine.

Salt Chlorinator Disclaimer

On November 9, 2005, an ordinance was enacted in the Santa Clarita Valley making it illegal for swimming pools connected to the sewer system to be converted to saltwater pools.

Saltwater Banned in Swimming Pools and Home Water Systems in LA County

Swimmers prefer the feel and taste of water treated with the ECOsmarte system over water treated with salt water pool systems by an overwhelming margin.

8 Reasons Why ECOsmarte is preferred by Pool Owners and Pool Professionals Over Salt Water Pools

Most people think salt water generators are an effective alternative to chlorine. What they do not realize though is a salt water generator actually turns salt into chlorine.

Salt Water Generator

Different salt chlorinators are available to help with cleaning bacteria, algae, and viruses from your swimming pool, but are they really your best option? Salt water chlorinators involve the use of harsh chemicals to act as cleaning agents. However, there is a better way—a more natural and environmentally friendly concept.

Salt Water Pool Chlorinators

Salt water pool corrosion can also be a problem on parts of the pool you can see, which will not actually hurt the pool, but which will cause cosmetic issues.

Is Salt Water Corrosion a Problem for You?

Yes. That salt pool killed that magnificent pecan tree. That’s what the arborist determined.

SALT DESTROYS NEGATIVE EDGE POOLS -- and even the most mature landscape